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Add New Room / Location in 25Live


This article provides instructions for how to request a new room / location be added to 25Live.

Steps to Take

When there is a new location to be added to 25Live, we ask that you complete take the following steps...

  1. Download the attached form (linked on the right) titled "25Live Location Information Form.pdf"
  2. Complete the Form.
  3. Save it to your computer.
  4. Go  to our Ticket System.
    • Choose 25Live as the Category.
    • Choose Adding a New Location under I need 25Live help.
    • Provide your SID and Role.
    • Enter a Subject such as "Need to add a new location in 25Live."
    • Enter a message briefly describing the situation.
    • Attach the saved "25Live Location Information Form.pdf" form by clicking "Attach a File" link under the message section of the form.
    • Complete the Contact information.
    • Click Create Ticket.


Once received, we will...

  1. Review the ticket for missing information.
  2. Contact you if we have any questions.
  3. Add / Edit Location in 25Live.
  4. Notify you confirming location has been added.

Example Request Form

Screenshot of an example 25Live Add Room Request.

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  • 01-Feb-2018