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How Do I Change My Course Settings?


As an Teacher inside a Canvas course, you have the ability to change the course settings and navigation options, including:

  • Let students attach files to discussions
  • Let students create discussion topics
  • Let students edit or delete their own discussion posts
  • Let students organize their own groups
  • Hide totals in student grades summary
  • Hide grade distribution graphs from students
  • Disable comments on announcements 

General Course Settings / Details

These are global options for the course, and can be found on the course Settings page, on the Course Details tab, at the bottom, under “more options” How do I change additional options for students in my course?

Navigation Settings

As an instructor, you can control which links appear in Course Navigation. Canvas includes a set of default Course Navigation links that are shown by default and cannot be renamed. Depending on your course configuration, other links may be available and may be customizable. To learn more about how to do this, read the Canvas Guide: How do I manage Course Navigation links? article.

Important Note

Please don’t change name, ID, or Start/End Dates. If you have questions, please feel free to Submit A Ticket before making any changes.

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