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How to Convert Percent Grades to GPA (Example)


It is important that expectations are clearly laid out and provided to students specific to how they will be graded in the course. Many instructors use points that translate to a percent grade for assignments. Seattle Central requires instructors to submit student grades as a Grade Point Average (GPA) into the instructor's briefcase.

This article provides one example of how using a mathematical formula can help you easily convert your percent grades to GPA. The attached Excel file (download link on right-hand side) also provides a clear conversion table when using the formula to convert percentage grades to GPA.

District Grading Policy

The college's Standard Grading Policy can be found on the District's website. Instructors have some freedom for how they convert percent to GPA. Whether the example in this article is used or not, we recommend that instructor's be consistent and transparent with students as to what their grading policy is.


  • % Grade > 95 => 4.0 GPA
  • % Grade < 62 => 0.0 GPA
  • Else (% Grade *0.1) - 5.5 
  • Excel Formula (see attached example): =IF(%>95,4,IF(%<62,0,%*0.1-5.5))
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  • 20-Feb-2018