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Attach a File to a Discussion


If your instructor allows file attachments, you can attach a file to a discussion reply using the attachment icon. Attachments can be added to both graded and non-graded discussions.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Open Discussions
    Open Discussions
    In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

  2. Open Discussion
    Open Discussion

    Click the title of the discussion you want to participate in.

  3. Create Reply
    Create Reply
    Click the Reply field.

  4. Attach File
    Attach File
    After adding content using the Rich Content Editor to the discussion reply [1], click the Attach link [2].
    Note: If you do not have a file attachment icon in your Discussion reply, your instructor has disabled this feature.

  5. Browse for File
    Browse for File
    Depending on your browser, click the Choose File or Browser button to locate personal files on your computer.
    Note: Once an attachment is posted to a discussion post, the attachment cannot be deleted.

  6. Select File Upload
    Select File Upload
    Browse personal files on computer and select the file or files you wish to attach [1].
    Double click the selected files or click the Open or Choose button [2] to upload the files to the discussion reply.
    Note: You can only upload one attachment in your reply.

  7. Post Reply
    Post Reply
    Click the Post Reply button.

  8. View Discussion Reply
    View Discussion Reply
    View your discussion reply. Your attached file will appear under the text.


  • Any attachments added as part of discussions are copied to your user files.
  • Attachments for graded discussions are not counted against your user quota and cannot be deleted.
  • If the attachment icon does not display, this option is not available in your course.
  • If your attachment causes you to exceed your user file quota, the file may fail to attach to an ungraded discussion.
  • If you have permission to edit or delete discussion replies, editing a reply also allows you to remove an attachment.
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