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Tuition Waivers for Online Courses


Listed below are instructions on how to enroll in an online course at Seattle Central College. A full list of all WA State Community Colleges is available online at

Please contact us if you have additional questions on using the State Employee Tuition Waiver for eLearning courses here at Seattle Central College.

Steps to Take

  1. Contact the instructor for the course and inform them you are a state employee and wish to use the state waiver. You will need to receive permission from the instructor to enroll.
  2. If the instructor grants you permission to enroll, please submit the completed State Employee Tuition Waiver form and a registration form to the eLearning office in room BE1140 before the beginning of the quarter. If there are any prerequisites for the course you are enrolling for, you will be asked to show proof of eligibility (test scores from Seattle Central or other colleges, transcripts).
  3. The cost will be $55.00 for a 5 credit online course ($20.00 processing fee and $35.00 online fee). If you wish to use a credit card, we have a form you may complete located in our office (BE1140) or you may submit a check or money order. We do not accept cash at the eLearning office.


Please do not register as a regular student via the Seattle Central College student online system. State Employee Tuition Waivers will not be processed until the 6th day of the quarter; therefore, we will need you to submit the forms directly to our office. We will enroll you after the 6th day of the quarter; however, we will enter you in your course via Canvas before the 6th day of the quarter.

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