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How to Login to Canvas for the First Time


If this is your first time to log in to Canvas, follow the steps below to get started.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SID number as the Login.
  3. Enter your default password into the password field (see Info below).


  • Default passwords are lowercase and do not include special characters such as hyphens.
  • If your last name is less than 8 characters, you will repeat the characters until you have reached 8 for your password. For example, if your last name is Johns, your default password will be johnsjoh.
  • If your last name has a hyphen, you ignore it for the purposes of entering your default password.For example, if your last name is Johnson-Toche, your default password will be johnsont.
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  • 20-Feb-2018